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3 Tips For Keeping Children Happy On A Long Haul Flight

Long haul flights can be testing for children, so knowing how to keep them happy and comfortable is important. Going on holiday is the perfect opportunity for you to make memories with your family, so you shouldn’t be afraid to go just because of the flight. With these three tips, you have every chance of keeping your little ones happy!

Magnetic Games

One of the best things you can take on a plane to keep your children happy on a long haul flight is magnetic games. You can buy a set that contains a wide range of different magnetic games to keep the kids entertained for hours. Plus, taking lots of small pieces of games on a plane is asking for trouble, so taking magnetic games means that nothing will go missing!

You can choose from a wide range of different games depending on the age of your child, making this a fun and adaptable choice for any family.

Take Plenty Of Snacks

Toys will only keep your child happy for so long, so having plenty of different snacks on hand is essential! You are likely to have access to food on a long haul flight, however having their favourite foods with you as well is important incase there isn’t anything suitable available that your little one like.

Get to the airport with plenty of time before your flight and make sure the little ones are well fed before you board. Then you can just use the snacks to keep them satisfied throughout the flight! Take things that won’t make much of a mess like dried fruits, sandwiches and cereal bars. The last thing you want is to ruin your designer baby changing bag mid flight!

It is very important that you check whether you will be allowed into the country you are travelling to with the food you are taking, as in some circumstances you may be fined trying to take food in. Also, when children are feeling full, they may be more likely to get to sleep if you time it right!

Fly When They Would Sleep

Finally, aim to fly when your children would usually sleep. If you are going on a 12 hour flight, try to find a flight that takes off at around 6pm, as this will give your little ones time to eat and settle before falling asleep. This will take a significant chunk out of the flight for them, meaning you will need to keep them occupied for much less time.

If you are changing time zones on the flight, make sure you take it into account when figuring out when they should be sleeping. Helping them to avoid jet lag as much as possible will keep them happier!

Final Thoughts

Travelling with little ones can be a challenge, so it is good to be prepared. Taking magnetic games, plenty of snacks and choosing your flight time wisely can all help to keep them comfortable and happy for the flight.


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