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When to Introduce Formula to a Breastfed Baby?

  Mother’s milk is a natural source of important nutrients for a baby. But sooner or later, the time comes when you have to switch to formula. The recommendations you’ll… Read more»

When is the Best Time to Furnish a Little One’s Bedroom?

When you’re pregnant, one of the first instincts to kick in is to prepare for the baby’s arrival. However, timing matters. When is the best time to furnish your little… Read more»

How to Cope with the Pressures of Multiple Children

Being a new mother is the most rewarding job you will ever have but just like with any new role, it comes with a lot of pressures. If you have… Read more»

Gumtree infographic baby versus career

Gumtree infographic baby versus career is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

What is the optimal amount of time to allow children to spend playing computer games per week?

Playing computer games is entertaining but like with almost everything you have to set limits on how long you spend in front of the computer. If you have a child… Read more»

Creating Easter Baskets for Kids: 5 Fun DIY Ideas

Easter baskets are a wonderful tradition to pass down to your kids each spring season. As children, we all loved the excitement of waking up in the morning to see… Read more»

How to Limit Your Child’s TV Time

Screen time has become an increasingly common problem in children’s lives today. More and more activities are surrounded around TV that it has become more difficult to pry your children… Read more»

5 Benefits of Enrolling Your Kids in Summer Camp

As the summer months approach, it is important that you decide how your kids will spend the next few months. Summer is a nice break from school, but it shouldn’t… Read more»

Football Head Injuries Are Taking Center Stage

Attention Parents: If you have been paying attention to the news in recent months, you may have noticed an increase in the number of stories dealing with football and subsequent… Read more»

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Family Car…

Starting your own family is going to come with plenty of extra expenses because there are so many things that need to be bought and I’m not just talking about… Read more»

The Funky Baby and the Ethical Gift – Why Mum and Dad Haven’t Gone to the Big Name Store!

The ethical shopper is no longer a rare breed. Thanks in part to the radically different way we share information these days – social media tells it like it is,… Read more»