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Creating Easter Baskets for Kids: 5 Fun DIY Ideas

Easter baskets are a wonderful tradition to pass down to your kids each spring season. As children, we all loved the excitement of waking up in the morning to see what the Easter Bunny left for us on Easter Day! You can make the Easter holiday just as special for your children with some unique DIY options. Here are 5 fun DIY ideas for creating Easter baskets for kids!

  1. Instead of a traditional Easter basket, consider using a beach bucket and shovel to hold your child’s toys and candies! This is a fun, colorful and easy way to make a basket, and you can find them at several local stores! The best part is that unlike an Easter basket that only gets used once a year, these buckets and shovels can be used year round at the park or at the beach! Fill the bucket up with candy and “voila”, your Easter bucket is complete!
  2. Another great material to use when creating Easter baskets is soda bottles! This is not only a fun craft, but it also allows you to recycle old soda bottles. Make sure to use 1 liter bottles to ensure you have enough room for lots of candy and treats! Cut the soda bottle at the base and use the bottom as your basket. You can add a handle and then decorate the clear bottle with colors!
  3. Use paper plates to make a bunny basket! Use one full plate and then cut a half moon shape from the top of the second plate. Staple them together to create a pouch in between for candy. Then, decorate the front with a bunny face! This is simple and uses materials that you probably already have around the house!
  4. Make your basket multi-purpose. If your child loves skateboarding, biking or roller balding, consider buying them a new helmet! You can then use this helmet as a basket for double the surprise! If you give presents during Easter, you may even consider pairing this with a new bike or scooter!
  5. Finally, you can also recycle by using old tin cans. Just make sure to cover the sharp edges to prevent the cans from being dangerous. You can then cover the can in paper, or for a truly unique basket try using “Washi” tape. This tape comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns that are perfect for the spring and Easter theme! Tape the entire can, add a handle and you are good to go Easter morning!

Instead of paying big bucks for expensive Easter baskets or Paper Mart Baskets that will only get used once a year, consider these original DIY options for your child’s Easter basket this year. These DIY, easy to make baskets will be festive and fun, while also allowing you to continue special Easter traditions in your family. Fill them with your child’s favorite treats, candies or toys for an Easter holiday your child will be sure to remember for fantastic, lifelong memories.


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