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Five Essential Items for Your Classroom

The beginning of the school year is an exciting time, but it can also be challenging for teachers and administrative personnel. Whether you are getting ready to start a new career, or have been teaching for decades, there are certain items that are necessary to purchase if your classroom experience is to be a pleasant one. From basic items like pencils and notebooks to more unusual items specifically designed for your individual classroom, there are certain school supplies and products that you simply cannot do without. Although not a comprehensive list, below are a few of the most important items for teachers.

Top Five Essential Items All Teachers Must Have

All teachers must have the following basic items in order to survive the school year:

1.      Basic supplies like pencils, crayons, dry-erase markers, notebook paper, scissors, construction paper, folders, and erasers

2.      Boxes or filing cabinets to hold projects and paperwork

3.      A whiteboard or writing board

4.      An information packet for substitute teachers who may assist you during the year

5.      A personal library that includes books, newspapers, and magazines

In addition, other items simply make a teaching career easier and less confusing, such as certificates and awards that you can personalise later, a grade book and even information packets for new students who arrive after the beginning of the school year. When it comes to items such as chalk and dry-erase markers, places such as Stationery Market offer wholesale whiteboard markers at very reasonable prices, so it is easy to purchase enough of them to last the year. In fact, if you are unsure of everything you might need, it is a good idea simply to cruise down the aisles of your favourite school or office supply company for inspiration. Often, just looking around at places like this will jog your memory and enable you to better determine the supplies and products you will need for the upcoming year.

School Supplies Made Easy

When determining which office supplies you will need for your classroom, it is also good to keep in mind kitchen items such as cutlery and tumblers, as well as any food you may need for the classroom gerbil or other pet. Office supply companies, in particular, are excellent at keeping a variety of classroom supplies on hand, and they sell products that include everything from pens of all types to a variety of art supplies such as pastels and fabric markers. Children of all ages love art projects, so it is especially important that you regularly keep art supplies in the classroom.

Deciding which classroom items to purchase at the beginning of the school year is easier if you make a list while considering what was used in the past. Office supply companies can help, as will doing your own research on the Internet, both of which will increase the odds that you will have everything you need by the first day of school.


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