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Gender-neutral gifts for little babies

In the modern era of political correctness and not gender stereotyping, it can be hard to know quite what gifts to but for babies. Is a doll and appropriate gift for a boy or an inappropriate gift for a girl. The answers to these questions could change radically depending on the views and opinions of the parents. The irony of the matter, of course, is that the baby won’t care one way or the other. The gift might help to shape who they become in later life, but before they have even turned one they won’t have any preference about blue toys or pink ones – at that age all they really care about are breasts, sleeping and going to the toilet. So, if you find yourself negotiating to buy a gift for a baby, here are a few gender-neutral things to consider.


Something cuddly

Many people seem to think that teddy bears are gifts for girls, and of course, they are completely correct. But along with that, cuddly bears are also gift’s for boys. No childhood could ever be considered complete without having owned a teddy-bear. For most children, the teddy bear becomes a ‘living’ friend or child, who has adventures and feelings. Having a soft toy is all about learning to nurture and care for something that isn’t you. As they get older they will pour that same love into actual puppies, or kittens, as they learn more about taking care of others.



In the olden days, this was something that was typically bestowed on the first-born son. This is now an antiquated notion and there is no reason why you shouldn’t set aside some money for the baby. This could be done in several different ways, depending on how close you are to the baby. A niece or nephew or grandchild might merit a regular deposit into an investment account. If it is just a friend’s baby, maybe find out if they have opened a saving account for the little one. Or maybe the parents would just appreciate a contribution to their increased monthly expenses. Because one thing is for sure, having a baby is an expensive business!



Babies grow very quickly and keeping them dressed can be an expensive business. This is partly because of the speed at which they grow but also partly due to the fact that they don’t really have any control over their bodily functions – which means clothes are often covered in less than lovely substances. It is worth saying that most parents will be more than happy to receive used clothes – precisely because children do grow so quickly, most people who have had children before will have piles of second-hand babywear that they are only too willing to pass on.



All children regardless of their gender love things that make a noise. Anything from a rattle to a harmonica or some type of drum. As long as the gift doesn’t have bits on it that could be considered choking hazards, musical instruments or shakers are always a win.





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