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Let Your Baby Brim with Joy and not Burp with Pain while Feeding

Mothers have a hard time feeding their little baby. It’s not that they don’t enjoy nurturing their babies. It’s just that the pain that babies undergo after feeding is what mothers don’t like. Every mother wants to see their baby giggling with joy and not cry incessantly with pain.

When a baby is born, it is advised to feed him with mother’s milk or formula milk till 4 months of age. Mother’s milk is preferred as it bestows upon her baby all passive immunity in the form of antibodies that are present in the first yellow milk named colostrum.

This is the most critical time as the baby is sensitive and most vulnerable to developing infections if enough care is not taken.  Hygiene and tender care are essential while feeding the baby.

Mother as well as the caretakers who tend after the baby must maintain strict cleanliness and care while handling him.  Mothers should seek counsel from a registered obstetrician for baby care and nutrition and not rely on ancient grandma’s remedies.

Some mothers are not comfortable with direct breast-feeding due to lack of time, physical discomfort, or social beliefs. They prefer to express milk from their breasts, which can be later fed to their baby.

For this, a specialised baby bottle that can express milk efficiently and from which babies can effortlessly suck milk is in popular demand by mothers worldwide.

Modern mothers have not completely given up the joy of motherhood but are trying to efficiently handle it with their professional goals and other social commitments. Doctor Brown bottles are highly recommended by doctors as they are scientifically designed to give a superior experience to baby feeding.

Babies commonly experience colic after they are fed milk through breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. This makes them cry for hours, and mothers wonder what is wrong with them. Sometimes, they cannot figure out the reason behind their baby’s endless wailing because there is no obvious trigger. Babies cry because gas accumulates within their bellies, and these tiny tots are unable to bear it.

Gas accumulation occurs because ordinary baby feeding bottles are not well designed to remove the gas bubbles while milk feeding. Dr. Brown bottles do this. Here, air never mixes with the breast milk or formula. This minimises oxidation and helps preserve essential vitamins C, A and E. Thus, babies are saved from the unbearable pain due to colic, burping, and wind.

Baby Feeding Tips:

  1. Do not hesitate to feed your baby with solid foods after 4 months. Babies adore all kinds of foods-solid, liquid, or pureed.  Introducing variety in food early on ensures that babies grow up to be individuals who are open to all tastes and not stubborn singular taste lovers.
  2. While bottle-feeding the baby, ensure that you are maintaining that warm touch between you and your baby, which is so essential to mother-baby bonding and acts as a determining factor in his emotional development as an adult.
  3. Go for organic foods as exposing your babies to pesticides and chemicals may have a damaging effect on them. Toddlers are not capable of coping with the chemical toxins like adults due to their underdeveloped immunity.
  4. Let babies suck milk or eat at their own pace. This will ensure they adequately develop their jaw and facial muscles.
  5.  Make your baby comfortable while you are feeding him. This will make him guzzle the milk with joy.
  6. Always buy good quality baby feeding bottles and other baby products. Baby times don’t come back.


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