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Things Nobody Should Believe About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is definitely something that you will end up considering at least once in life. However, the procedure is not properly understood by many. We are faced with so many different misconceptions and myths that are associated with this procedure. Accurate information is available for those that are interested online, at the websites of clinics like but you should also consider the facts below. These are some things that are often mentioned about the procedure and that are incorrect.

Only Bleaching Gels From The US or UK Are Safe

The misconception is quite interesting since most of the teeth whitening products used at the moment are actually not manufactured in these countries. It is very important that you always focus on the manufacturer and that you do not dismiss the foreign brands. What you really want is to look at the ingredients list. If you see that there is not enough hydrogen peroxide included, it is better to look for something else. The exact opposite is also the case. You basically want to be sure that the right percentage is available in the bleaching gel you are about to use.

Customized Mouthguards Are Needed For Good Whitening Results

Dentists can offer a customized mouth tray that will cost quite a lot but you can also buy a whitening kit for home that will work in an equal manner. Custom trays are just a little more comfortable when wearing. This comes with a hefty price tag though, one that is way too high for many patients.

What you have to do is to think about the options available. In the event that you can afford the services of a cosmetic dentist that offers customized mouthguards, it is the best option. However, if you cannot afford the prices, you can still whiten your teeth.

You Can Always Get The Hollywood Smile

Many think that they are going to always end up with the results they see in magazine as all the whitening results should be the same. That is incorrect. Professional teeth whitening gels and procedures are going to always work as they should but that does not mean that your teeth will be as white as you imagine them to be like after just one session. It is possible that you have to go through different procedures or multiple whitening sessions to get the really white teeth you imagined.

Teeth Cannot Be Whitened When Crowns Exist

There is this misconceptions that people with dentures, veneers, crowns or caps cannot have whitened teeth. This is not right because of the fact that hydrogen peroxide will just whiten the teeth that are natural. It is possible that some artificial substances will have their bond weakened but the professional dentists that have a lot of experience will always make the right choices.

Always remember the fact that it is the cosmetic dentist that will tell you exactly what you have to consider if you want to have your teeth whitened. Do respect indications and you will appreciate the results.


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