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5 Quick and Easy Crafts: Make Cardboard Boxes Come Alive

If you have a pile of cardboard packing boxes left over from a move, you might be tempted to throw them out. However, there are plenty of fun ways that you can reuse these boxes and create some incredible crafts with your children. Believe it or not, cardboard boxes can be the perfect way to get closer to your kids and spark their creativity. Here are five quick and easy suggestions to get you started.


1. Shape Sorter

Toddlers and babies will love being able to use this great toy, which can be made almost entirely from a cardboard box. Simply cut out various shapes in the box and then tape the edges so they are smooth. Then, let children use the box to point out shapes and try to fit blocks and toys through the holes. Finding boxes for these fun projects is usually pretty easy, but you can also check your basement, attic or storage unit, like Greensboro NC storage, to find a few extras to make as many of these crafts as needed.


2. Miniature Towns

Start by cutting the top off a box so that the sides are just six to eight inches high. Then, head outside and find some fun materials to use to fill the box and create a miniature town of forest. Layer the bottom of the box with dirt, insert twigs to be whole trees and use your imagination.


3. Doll Bed

Using a sharp knife or cardboard cutter, cut the four horizontal walls of the box into unique shapes and designs to represent a bed with a large headboard. Then, let your child decorate the cardboard with markers, crayons or stickers. Put a pillow or blanket in the box so that it can be a perfectly-sized bed for a doll or stuffed animal.


4. Post Office Mailing Box

If you have a large rectangular cardboard box, stand it upright and spray paint it blue or even use finger paints to get children involved. Once it is dry, cut out a slot to put in mail. Your children can pass notes to one another using this special mailbox made from cardboard.


5. Child-Sized Furniture

By simply upending and decorating a few boxes, you can create neat pieces of furniture for children to play with. A box could be a table, a few drawn-on handles makes it a cabinet and you might even take several and create a fort with a blanket for a roof.


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