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Great baby shower activity ideas

There might not be a greater time for celebration and wonder than a baby shower. Babies change both parents’ lives. Give birth to a future genius, someone who uncovers medical discoveries that help rid the human body or mind of diseases or someone who invents technologies that make communicating with people living in other parts of the world more realistic, and new parents could feel like they’re on the brink of life experiences that turn out to be greater than they ever imagined.


Of course, one of the most important parts of a great baby shower is the gifts that bridal shower attendees bring expectant parents. Centerpieces, refreshments, decorative themes and expressive baby shower thank you cards are also important. It’s these bridal shower ideas put into practice that expectant parents and guests won’t soon forget.


For centerpieces, try using decorative baby bibs as napkins. Make sure the bibs are colorful and decorated with memorable prints. For example, toy or animal prints could work well. So too could floral prints. She Knows also says that baby bottles, especially if they are topped with flowers, work well at baby showers. Just make sure that the colors in the centerpiece match the colors used in other decorations and in baby shower thank you cards.


For refreshments, you could serve slices of fresh cake or cupcakes that are topped with a baby bottle, bib or a popular baby toy or cartoon character. Consider earning even more winning points with guests by using similar characters or designs in baby shower thank you cards you’ll send to guests after the shower has concluded.


Juice, sparkling water or cold raspberry lemonade work well as beverages. If guests are health conscious, make sure you have several pitchers of ice cold water on hand. Finger sandwiches, chicken wings with two to three different types of dip, small salads that are placed in pretty ceramic dishes and healthy snacks like nuts and pretzels are other foods guests appreciate.


When it comes to protocol, one person can be assigned to lead all activities connected to the baby shower. This person will organize and plan for the shower, including selecting baby shower thank you cards. Another option is for a team of people to plan the baby shower.


Regardless of who oversees the entire shower, everyone involved in planning the baby shower should come together and decide who will pay for the shower and the baby shower thank you cards. As a tip, organizers should center the shower around the likes of the expectant parents, including the baby shower thank you cards that will be distributed to guests, according to Grand Forks Herald.


Changes in traditions and shower etiquette also require people who are organizing baby showers to decide whether the mother will be the center of attention or if both parents will attend baby showers. There have been cases where only the mother attended a baby shower, other cases where both parents (at times, even grandparents) attended a baby shower. Choices as to who will attend a baby shower are truly open. However, when it comes to baby shower thank you cards, hosts and organizers should determine in advance when the cards will be signed by the expectant parents and mailed to guests. It’s also a good idea to print the gift that guests gave the parents on baby shower thank you cards from or another retailer. This single step makes guests feel appreciated and personally thought about.


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